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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Today I decided to bake half a batch of cupcakes.  18 will certainly be enough for the household and maybe a few for the neighbour?  Wait! I am in the mood for baking so lets bake a full batch of 36.  I could send about 10 or 12 to school with my daughter.  They are raising funds for their final year of school next year and sell coffee every morning.  Every week I bake, donate it to the school and they sell it with the coffee.

You know what? I really am in the mood for baking.  Lets bake another batch and share it with my work colleagues.  The going is so good I could go on and on.  Why not bake another batch and share it with the entire I.T.  Department? We are a about 70 or 80.

So.....3 hours later I have 6 for my hubby's favourite girls at work, 10 for school, 5 for home and the rest for work.


Sandra van Blaricum said...

Let's party :-) lol
Looks so good Lynn!!

Roxann said...

Yum, where is mine?? Love your card, too, Lynn.


Yum - they look good! I baked 5 dozen yesterday morning for our Card Guild meeting .... you and I should go into business!

Pryn said...

Those look sooo delicious, Lynn!!! Yum, yum, yum! I love the leopard boxes you have them in too :)

Love and hugs to you my bakalicious Sistah!

Patricia St Martin said...

Lynn, Love your cupcake story. They all look wonderful. Thank for sharing.
Hugs, Pat

Colleen Holmes said...

Yummy!! Looks so good!

Colleen Holmes said...

Yummy!! Looks so good!

Darnell J Knauss said...

I want you to be MY neighbor, Lynn! You're a baking maniac!!