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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My road trip to Upington

We left at 6am fully kitted out in thermals, long sleeved t-shirt, jersey and outer protective gear. I wanted to remove some layers until some wise guy by the name Fred to hold fire until we had rode a little while.  Was he right! It was freezing cold and it basically stayed that way all the way to Upington.

The bike gave a bit of trouble but luckily hubby dearest could sort it out in no time.  The road was very long and I doubt if I will undertake such a long journey in one go again.

We stayed at a backpackers that wouldn't have been too bad if there were more bathrooms available. One shower with a separate bathroom/loo combination for about 4 couples. Definitely not good enough especially when we got back from the rally camp and everybody needed the loo.

Augrabie falls was a great experience and I always wonder where all the water comes from.

The only downer was when I got back I was as sick as a dog and spent 4 days in bed with the flu.

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